292 Cartwright Rd, Van Alstyne, Texas 75495, United States

About Us

Origin of Cooley Bay Winery

Cooley Bay Winery started with a dream to bring a specialty drink called "The Cooley" to market.  In the process of developing "The Cooley", a love of the world of wine and the great people involved was created.  In 2017, it was determined that a Tasting Room would be built in Van Alystyne, Texas where wine lovers could come together to taste some great wines and experience "The Cooley" on tap, all while sitting back and relaxing with family and friends.

The Van Alstyne, Texas Winery

Cooley Bay Winery, the only Winery in the city of Van Alstyne, TX was constructed on the site of an abandoned Southwestern Bell tower.  In the early 90's, the tower was destroyed in a severe storm and the building remained vacant for decades until 2017 when it was remodeled and converted into a contemporary tasting room. Now Cooley Bay Winery, we offer a wide variety of wines, tastings, pairings, an exclusive wine club that features traditional and fruit wines, and our signature drink, "The Cooley."